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Máquina para hacer punto de vaciado de relleno 3D para calzado

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5 Set/Sets
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15 Days
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productividad1500 Sets/Month


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Máquina de tejer Vamp de llenado

1. The front body, back body and sleeve of garment can be knitted at the same time, it can solve the problem that garment front and back body' length difference  and color difference which is caused by different batches.

2. The system can automatically adjust the needle-start running and take down position according to different sizes of  patterns, so that the use of  waste yarn can be minimized.
3. Low speed  when yarn knot appear: when yarn knot appear during machine running, it can automatic slow down the speed which can avoid tears in knitwear.  The low speed time and value can be adjusted according to different situation.
4. Sides-stitch function: it can solve the length difference problem of knitwear sides. It also applies to loosen or tighten the stitch of fabric edge.
5. System can control the side needle to do transfer first, so that the side needle will not missed, it will greatly reduce the defect rate.
6. Pattern management can use folder mode which can manage patters conveniently.
7. It can automatically adjust the transfer stitch, it can reduce the difficulty that it has been too loose or too tight when do transfer before.
8. Needle will not running out when do knitting, it act on pressing the yarn to avoid the yarn floating.
9. It can fine adjust the corresponding stitch according to the feeder no, so that the pattern will be corrected when the yarn tension is uneven.
10. The stitch of each knitwear which are knitted at the same time can be separately adjusted , it keeps all the knitwears' size to be the same.
Es aplicable para seda real, seda hilada, sintética, lana, acrílico, mezcla, hilo y otras materias primas para tejer el suéter y bufanda, gorra, pantalones, calcetines y accesorios de prendas. Se utiliza principalmente en la producción profesional de vampiros 3D. La máquina de tejer para zapatos Vamp computarizada puede tejer las organizaciones básicas de tejer (aguja completa, un solo lado, etc.), tejido jacquard aleatorio multicolor, apliques (intarsia), tejido de punto retorcido, pointelle y otras organizaciones de tejido de trama.

3D Filling Vamp Knitting Machine

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